David Warren

Chief Knowledge Officer
I’m passionate about the power of knowledge to transform organizations by empowering people with the tools they need to drive efficiency and progress.

David is an experienced leader who is obsessed with turning data and information into real business insights and knowledge.

In his role as Chief Knowledge Officer, David leads a team that analyses project results from thousands of Proudfoot engagements globally, identifying avenues to bring added value to future clients. Having been with Proudfoot for more than a decade, David brings his expertise in knowledge-enabling technology to help drive organizational improvements. He works with teams and individuals across the organization, providing technological resources for collaboration and research. He has also led Proudfoot’s work in turning Big Data into Smart Data for over a decade. His rare talents allow Proudfoot’s team to extract meaning from data, applying what they learn to continuously improve service and performance.

David holds an MA in Applied Project Management, and a Double BSc in Economics and Finance.

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