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A Transformation Masterclass Week

Ideas Worth Implementing 2021
1 – 5 November 2021

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Business transformation has never been more important than in today’s emerging post-COVID world. It is high on the agenda as businesses must be ready for ongoing disruption, change and uncertainty as part of the new normal. Transforming business by focusing on your people management (humanize), operations (optimize) and technology (digitize) is essential as you navigate unchartered waters for your organization to not only survive but thrive.

But, how do you achieve operational excellence when there is so much change and so many unknowns? Where do you start? Don’t worry, we have the answers. 

Proudfoot’s Transformation Masterclass Week is for leaders at all levels. Kick-start your day with practical insights, tips and tools – and a good dose of inspiration to help business growth. Over five days packed with practical masterclasses and engaging firepit panel discussions with the transformation experts, you’ll acquire both the latest insights and the tools required to your organization’s business transformation. You’ll also get to hear what the Best Led companies are doing right now and how you can become a High Performing Organization with the right digital business transformation strategies. Stick with us until the end of the week to learn how to operationalize your ESG strategy to really make an impact beyond reporting. 

Don’t miss this event and the opportunity to learn how to transform your business in 2021 and beyond. 


Day 1: High Performing Organizations

1 November 2021

What The Best Led are doing now

By Pamela Hackett, Proudfoot CEO

Day 2: Humanize

2 November 2021

Leading Transformation - How managing to engage is the launch pad for remarkable results and change

By Pamela Hackett, Proudfoot CEO

Day 3: Optimize

3 November 2021

Building a safe, engaging and productive business that can keep improving

By Jon Wylie, Managing Partner Americas, Proudfoot

Day 4: Digitize

4 November 2021

Creating value for all stakeholders through digitalization

By Lorena Schoenfeld, Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff, Proudfoot

Day 5: ESG Enterprise

5 November 2021

Beyond Reporting: From compliance to commitment across the enterprise

By Trevor Jamieson and Andrew Xu

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At Proudfoot we design, implement, and accelerate operational transformation through people – realizing tomorrow’s results, today.


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