Achieve Operational Resiliency Excellence (OPRx) by optimizing end-to-end process and behavioral transformation.

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We work with you to gain transparency and visibility of every step of the manufacturing process, allowing you to optimize costs, reduce waste, and continually evaluate the make, buy, outsource opportunities. We also help you engage your people, to ensure all stakeholders are aligned and motivated for transformation—to achieve impactful, sustainable change across the business.

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We support manufacturing businesses in these four critical areas:

Enabling cost reduction and working capital optimization

Skyrocketing operating and variable costs have emerged as a significant headwind, fueled by raw material shortages and a shipping crisis. This situation has exacerbated manufacturers' already strained cash flow and working capital challenges. Companies must have the agility to react to the increasingly uncertain predictability in demand. We help you revamp your footprint, re-think future production locations, and re-integrate aspects of the current supply chains.

Talent and Engagement

People are the core of your business, and we recognize that manufacturers face a debilitating labor shortage, increased labor costs, excess absenteeism, and a high people turnover. Retaining and managing people with Active Management Behaviors is crucial at this time. We can help you improve the onboarding process and equip you with simple, practical tools to increase employee engagement.

Digitization – Industry 4.0

Many manufacturers are accelerating digital transformation to stay competitive and become more agile, resilient, and future-ready. Digitization can raise efficiency and productivity in manufacturing businesses, especially in supply chain management and logistical and operational management. We consider technology advances, such as the Internet of Things, Digital Twins, AR and AV, among other digital enablers to help you monitor production and improve asset performance in your business. Critically we streamline business processes and help your people adopt new technologies at speed.


Most manufacturing businesses have set ESG and decarbonization targets and goals—and we can help you achieve them. Whether this involves minimizing your carbon footprint, optimizing energy utilization and costs, improving inventory and increasing efficiency for reduced waste, and/or reducing carbon emissions throughout your supply chain, a good place to begin is by defining your Total Carbon Footprint and operationalizing your Total Decarbonization Roadmap. Whether you have started on these or not, we will help you accelerate to a Lower Carbon Future in any stage of your journey.

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