Financial Services and Insurance

Whether it’s developing greater efficiencies, or creating a culture of continuous improvement, our people will identify the transformation opportunities your business needs to thrive.

Build a culture of collaboration, accountability and continuous improvement in your business

Proudfoot people have deep expertise in the financial services and insurance sectors. We have decades of experience identifying opportunities to improve business processes so that your people can do their best job. When companies build a culture of accountability, where people work together and actively look for ways to improve how things are done, business profits are maximised.

Proudfoot capabilities

  • Opportunities for outsourcing and cost reduction.
  • Collaboration and ensuring all layers of the business speak to each other.
  • Using strategic sourcing effectively.
  • Organization design and shared services optimization.
  • Operations productivity in processing and call centres, both onshore and offshore.

What if you could...

  • Save a $30 million IT investment from being lost by engaging 300 users to adopt new technology. That's what a major insurance company achieved.
  • Identify over one hundred quick-win opportunities that were not costly IT fixes, but capability, skills or behaviour-related and these fixes would save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • See a 15% improvement in branch productivity and reduced queue times by 30% at over 1,000 branches of your bank. What if you could reduce administrative time by implementing a management operating system that reduced mortgage processing time by 40% with annualised benefits of over $37M.

...with Proudfoot you can!

Our clients

Case studies

Medical Insurance: What if you could save a $30 million IT investment from being lost? We helped turn around a $30 million IT investment. Second in the process, we engaged 300 users to gain confidence and user adoption, and realise the promised business case.

Areas of impact

  • Inventory Level
  • Time to Market
  • Yield & Rework
  • Maintenance
  • Productivity Throughput
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Quality

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