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Through our extensive work in the construction sector, we understand the areas of impact that will transform your business:

Proudfoot works with leaders and their teams, at every level, to design, implement and accelerate change.  We focus on processes, results and people to deliver the company of the future.

We work with you to drive costs down and enhance productivity through improved visibility of data operations, better subcontractor management and safety practices, greater attention to carbon-friendly practices that do not bust the bottom-line, while engaging your people. 

We help you retain your competitive edge, survive and thrive through the following three key areas:

Enhancing the bottom line​

Margins are thin in the construction industry—which makes maximizing the bottom line and minimizing waste a key priority. We help you achieve greater visibility and transparency of operations so you can streamline processes and systems—especially across suppliers and subcontractors—enabling you to boost efficiency, while also managing your margins. This can only succeed if your people are engaged and aligned with the organization’s priorities.


Digital transformation can deliver a competitive advantage for construction companies by making operations, processes and progress more visible, efficient and productive. Whether in planning and design, supply chain management, or logistical and operational management, we work with your employees to identify the most appropriate digital approach to deliver the greatest positive impact. We train and coach your teams on how to get the most out of the new and enhanced information flow.



Construction companies must reduce their carbon footprint and work towards decarbonization; this effort must also include subcontractors, suppliers and clients. Across the construction industry, transformative changes are underway, and companies must accelerate decarbonization across the value chain. Through better material management, logistics enhancement and digital build practices, we will accelerate your decarbonization efforts through a focused programmed approach.

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