Proudfoot & Concerto Analytics announce global strategic alliance: Operational Excellence and Predictive Analytics

Strategic alliance with Concerto - Proudfoot

Proudfoot and Concerto Analytics are pleased to announce they have entered a global strategic alliance, combining Proudfoot’s 8 decades of industry experience in operational transformation, with a heavy focus on people, with Concerto Analytics’ world class Prescriptive Analytics modelling platform.

With technology and analytics playing an ever increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, companies recognize that they need to accelerate the development of digital solutions to ensure they maintain their competitive edge. The strategic alliance brings together deep skills in business and analytics strategy, Target Operating Modelling, multi-layered scenario development, tactical deployment, and organizational change management to help support clients through successful data-driven optimization transformations.

Proudfoot strongly believes great things happen at the intersection and technology. With Concerto Analytics, Proudfoot’s transformative solutions will allow their clients to create a strong link among operations, financial impact of different operational scenarios, and the skills and behaviors required to sustain business decisions powered by data.

“During and after our diagnostics, and throughout operational improvement projects, our clients will now have a very clear and rapid understanding of the rippling effect of KPI changes in their business. Combining Concerto’s digital capabilities with our operational transformation expertise, will give complete transparency to the tie between operational changes and their vast effect on financial benefits; thus, supporting measurable and sustainable change. We are excited to continue upgrading our arsenal of digital tools, such as Concerto, to help business leaders in the achievement of their strategic alliance – especially during these trying times,” said Pamela Hackett, former CEO of Proudfoot.

“The Concerto platform enables organizations to visualize and simulate their operations in high resolution, effectively linking operational drivers to financial performance and impacts at an EBITDA level. In combination with Proudfoot’s operational transformation capability and deep industry expertise, we are excited that global customers can benefit from highly targeted operational improvement projects to drive systematic and continuous improvement across their value chains,” said Andrew Hely, CEO of Concerto Analytics.

As an indication of commitment to the development of digital solutions to their clients, Proudfoot has undertaken parallel deployments of Concerto’s business analytics modelling platform across 4 global regions and has worked with Concerto’s development team and to replicate some of their proprietary tools in the concerto platform to create a global strategic alliance that could benefit both Proudfoot and Concerto client across the globe.

About Proudfoot

Proudfoot is the world’s leading operational management consulting firm and is obsessed with delivering value to clients. We specialize in operational and digital transformation programs. Uniquely, we do this by building capability in your people and engaging them to deliver measurable results. We see consulting as an investment not a cost. With 30,000+ implementation and improvement projects under our belt, we are fanatical with delivering tangible results. Our scorecard shows a minimum return on investment of 400% (avg.) in the first year of a client engagement. We work with clients to implement strategy, achieve improvement objectives, and change behaviors. Founded by Alexander Proudfoot in 1946, we work with mid and large cap organizations across industry sectors at the frontline. More details at

About Concerto

Concerto Analytics is a leader in Prescriptive Analytics for Industry and our mission is to transform the world’s value chains. The Concerto Prescriptive Analytics platform and Industry Content Marketplace provide our customers and partners with an advanced analytics capability for boosting continuous improvement and driving cost out of the value chain. Together we work with our global network of industry partners across sectors to help customers improve the performance of their operations.
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