Mining and Metals Case Study

What if you could achieve a 25% throughput increase in mining production?

A GOLD MINING AND EXPLORATION company with interests in Africa and Asia found itself having to announce an 18% production shortfall as a result of operational shortcomings in their West African gold mine and processing mills.

A publicly-announced profit warning ensued, and the company’s board charged the CEO with responsibility for selecting a partner capable of increasing throughput at their large open pit African operations.

Impressed with the speed Proudfoot was able to mobilize a team, including native speakers, the CEO engaged us to undertake a detailed assessment of operations.

While a mine plan existed, it was not respected or followed. The challenges centered upon weak mine working practices, inadequate supervisory behavior and operators who lacked critical skills required to influence throughput and recovery.

Proudfoot estimated the existing equipment could readily move 20% more tons per day but the tools to manage operations and critical KPIs were missing. Similarly, ineffective training left them unable to manage their teams as effectively.

Posted on March 5, 2020

By Proudfoot Team

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