Future of Mining (is Still) People

We invite you to dive in to the world of the future of mining. In a year-long series, we share knowledge and thought leadership about the Primary Industries through a series of interviews, side chats, project case studies, and presentations that touch on everything from the business and industry trends, leadership and people engagement, and digital and operational transformation.
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Future of mining

Exclusive panel session: Radical opportunities to re-shape the Mining Industry through digitalization and responsible mining

There are new and old challenges facing the industry as well as new opportunities such as increasing demands from stakeholders and regulators in terms of transparency of operations, being offset by use of technology and new business and engagement models. 

Our expert panelists discuss:

  • The greatest challenges in front of the mining industry. What areas will challenge your people the most over the next 2,3,5 years and why?
  • Nature of Work: Going beyond AI, automation and IROC, what work solutions do you see your people being most challenged to deliver in next 2,3,5 years?
  • License to operate (LTO):  What are some new or better models for delivering LTO from understanding beneficial owners, to delivering on ESG, to stewardship and post-closure?
Future of mining

Concrete learnings from the Building Industry

In this exclusive panel session, Angus Maclean – VP Building Materials, Bruce MacConnell – VP Operations, and Michael Spratley – VP Natural Resources discuss the current & future major trends in the buildings sector, learnings taken into the mining industry & strategies currently being employed including decarbonization and agile operating models.

Future of mining

Break out leaders in supply chain management

Our expert panel talk about supply chain & procurement. Where does supply chain sit in a strategic overview post Covid? How does the significant change in technology and services affect the supply chain and how can you manage your supply chain to deliver speed, acceleration and agility? Join Jon Wylie – Global President Natural Resources, Bruce MacConnell – VP Operations, Roger Hedman – VP Operations, and Doug Radtke – Chief Analytics Officer in this discussion and case study.

Future of mining

Demonstrating Responsible Action Through ESG

Martin Wilins, VP North America, and Steve Flewelling, Chief Development Officer at Noront Resources, talk about execution at a frontline level. Steve shares Noront Resources’ work in the ESG space as an early stage developer. How are the principles embedded in ESG being executed in practice to achieve an environmental approach towards operations ? Hear first-hand examples of how they are working with their community partners close to the development to shape their ESG strategies moving forward.

Future of mining

Unleash Your Strategic Capability with AI: A Procurement Case Study

Proudfoot and Scoutbee discuss our most recent case study on Procurement Transformation, supported by Artificial Intelligence, at a Brazilian Sugarcane Producer.  We dive into the importance of involving people and developing transformation skills, data and market analysis, and how we used digitalization to create clean processes and keep the team engaged.

Future of mining

Site visits during COVID19, Two Proudfoot Case Studies

This interview addresses the key factors to consider when conducting site visits during COVID-19. Jon Wylie and his guest speakers will take you through two case studies – the first one being a team in Northern Canada working on a remote underground construction project and, the second being a team in DRC who converted site work to remote work.

Future of mining

Site visits during COVID19, an Infosys case study (guest)

In this discussion, Ram Kulkarni, Head of Engineering SURE Americas at Infosys, and Jon Wylie, President Natural Resources at Proudfoot, discuss a pharmaceutical case study as part of a cross-industry learning, where at the height of the COVID19 pandemic a western European Pharmaceutical plant needed to analyse its facility’s technology, processes and readiness for change. 

Future of mining

Three Steps to Operationalizing ESG

Our global mining team discusses the challenges to implementing ESG and take a deep dive into the three steps required to operationalize and achieve corporate ESG goals. Throughout this chat, we discuss the shifts that must happen to increase the frequency of ESG control loops and develop ESG driven behaviors at all levels.

Future of mining

Accelerating Speed to Cash

Proudfoot and Strategia talk about the race to recovery in 2021. How do you plan effectively now to maximize certainty in results and speed to cash? What are the lessons learnt from the pandemic? Things have changed the old ways of looking at risk in silos simply does not stack up – what is the way forward?

Future of mining

Big five trends and actions for 2021

Jon Wylie leads a panel discussion with senior industry leaders on the big five trends for 2021. We dive into the pre-pandemic learnings and what leaders need to know as the industry is shaped for the future. We discuss technology, information, engagement, localization, and provide a case study from a client where we worked [partly] remotely during 2020 to achieve success during one of the most difficult years in our lifetimes.

Future of mining

Improving productivity & safety simultaneously: Oyu Tolgoi

Talking you through an exclusive case study of Oyu Tolgoi , Jon Wiley explain the increasing importance of delivering projects on time, in full AND safely as well as, the key to delivering successful capital projects.

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