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Formulating the Immediate

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In “Formulating the Immediate,” this second of four whitepapers, “Operational and Digital in the Revised World” focuses on enterprise agility and bravery not only in 2022, but also beyond, specifically what it means to apply these notions to cash flow, consumers, staff, and product/service design.

Medical experts state that an ascension from the pandemic is near, accelerating the urgency for businesses to “transform or die.” Those who have survived the pandemic are about to enter the next frontier: the post-pandemic, next normal. Transition is on the horizon, and crossing the threshold from disaster to emergence strategy, charting future expectations, is a process that should already be underway at your organization.

The “unprecedented” has happened. Now, you must respond to the wake of the unprecedented in the immediate, the concurrent “now” and as importantly, the future — 2022 and beyond.

In this whitepaper we cover:

  • Cash is Tight. Your Options Aren’t
  • Organize Your Results, Then Keep Those Promises
  • The Digital Ecosystem
  • Disrupt Your Normal: Technology Integrations Make Business Work Better
  • A Change in Promise — Not Product

Table of Contents

Posted on December 8, 2021

By Proudfoot Team

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