Digital Mine Safety

Accelerating your pursuit of zero-harm results to protect your people & assets by enabling the rapid and sustainable adoption of market-leading safety technology.

Accelerated safer, smarter, and productive mining

Combine market-leading safety technology and a proven people-centric change methodology to achieve sustainable adoption and protect your people and assets.

Accelerate your pursuit of zero harm results to protect your people and assets.

A proven methodology enabling people to rapidly and sustainably adopt market leading safety technology, processes, and operating practices. Because the most important assets in a mining operation are the people who make it possible, we have created a joint approach that will give you lasting safety results:

Our Joint Approach

We have pioneered a safety solution to engage with your people, ensuring successful digital transformation, technology adoption, and improved performance, maximizing your digital ROI.

World-class safety technology backed by a world-class implementation methodology and 70+ years of operational excellence.

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Equipment is protected and everyone goes home safely


  • Collision Avoidance System (CAS): Proximity Detection
  • Operator Awareness System (OAS): Fatigue and Distraction
  • Vehicle Intervention System (VIS): Hazardous Condition Recognition
  • Personal Alert: Time in flight technology for accident avoidance

(Designed for haul trucks, ADTs, and all other heavy and light machinery in mining operations)

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About Hexagon Mining

Market-leading safety systems for:
    • Collision Avoidance(CAS)
    • Operator Alertness (OAS)
    • Vehicle Intervention
    • Personal Alert
    • Slope Monitoring
Proven and recognized Hexagon scorecard:
    • 60% of addressable safety market
    • Only Level-9 vehicle intervention
    • 35.000+ CAS units at work daily
    • 20.000 employed and $4.4BN net sales
    • Here for the long term

About Proudfoot

74+ years of successful transformation:
    • Employee-change adoption model
    • Bespoke sequenced agile transformation program
    • People solutions focused
    • Boots on the ground at the heart of transformative change
Digital: The future of business is (still) people
Scorecard for Implementation Projects

Areas of impact

  • Safety
  • Machine Vehicle Uptime
  • Cycle Time Decrease
  • Cost Optimization
  • Throughput Improvement
  • Cash & Capital Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • People

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