COVID-19: We’re working with our clients during this time of crisis to ensure business continuity, build business resilience, help start the recovery process and plan for the new reality.

A message from our CEO

As the world came to a complete standstill, like you we were shaken by how hard COVID-19 has hit all aspects of personal, business, and economic life. First and foremost, this is a global human tragedy:   families are struggling with health, wellbeing and financial issues or dealing with the loss of loved ones. We send our hearts and virtual hugs to wish them strength.

As our clients adjusted to this pandemic, so too have we.  The changes in their consulting spend has meant changes in our business. While many of our teams remained on site, observing new protocols and continuing to deliver value, working side by side with our client teams, many also have had to stay home to stay safe. In this changing world our focus has been three fold: keep our people safe and retain as many jobs as possible; continue to support our clients so they emerge strong from the crisis; develop the services our clients will need for their new reality as we all emerge from these unprecedented times.

With the same spirit we have had for almost eight decades, we are passionate to continue helping you conserve your cash, productively deliver your products and services in the midst of supply chain disruptions, localize new sources of supply, engage your people in new and different ways, ramp-up, re-invent your business, upskill your people, and build your post-COVID-19 world.

Like you, we’ve learned that humans are not as resistant to change as you thought – much of the world zoomed their way home into the largest work-from-home experiment in history. The challenge now is to leverage the good change and learn from the bad. More importantly, it’s to invent the operating model of the future. You now know large portions of your work can be done from home, and there is also work that needs to be eliminated, improved, outsourced, automated or digitized.  Now is the time to develop your new operating model for a new reality; one that will improve your employee experience and allow them to perform to their best, improve your customer experience and of course, run your business at it’s minimum viable cost base. In short, to build back better. This requires new processes, new management tools, technology changes and of course, new management model – how you manage, lead and motivate your teams. And of course, we know we can help you with that.

In conclusion, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen such resilience and courage of so many, including healthcare workers, grocery store staff, bin collectors, businesses reinventing themselves overnight to provide equipment and support. While the examples of courage and ingenuity could go on, the fact is that the world has stood still to bring us together as humans. And demonstrate that we are in this together!

We also want to thank our own teams who continued to work on site with our clients to help them during their greatest time of need. THANK YOU! is the only thing we can say when it comes to the dedication of our teams during these crazy times. A huge shout-out to our team members, your dedication and love for your profession, as well as our clients, is more than we could have ever asked for!


I invite you to contact us for advice, to discuss ways you can accelerate your transformation, start-up, or post ‘back-to-normal’ activities, or simply to use our experience as a sounding board to your current and future strategies.

I leave you with this thought: When things go back to normal, DON’T. Take this time to curate what you put back in the business. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent, rethink, reimagine.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay brilliant!


Pamela Hackett

Proudfoot CEO

Contact us for advice, to discuss current tactics, concerns, ways you can accelerate your transformation, or simply to use our experience as a sounding board to your current and future strategies.