COVID-19: We’re working with our clients during this time of crisis to ensure business continuity, build business resilience, and get ready for recovery.

A message from our CEO

As the world has come to a complete standstill, we are overtaken by how hard COVID-19 has hit all aspects of personal, business and economic life. Around the world there have been so many that have taken ill and are recovering, families are struggling with health, wellbeing or financial issues or dealing with the loss of loved ones, people struggling to stay connected while in complete isolation, businesses battling to stay alive or fighting to keep up with new demands. Our world, as we knew it, has been turned upside down.

Despite all of that we have also seen the resilience and courage of so many, including healthcare workers, grocery store staff, bin collectors, businesses reinventing themselves overnight to provide equipment and support. While the examples of courage and ingenuity could go on, the fact is that the world has stood still to bring us together as humans.

As for businesses, the struggle to work in a new normal couldn’t pose a more difficult challenge for leaders at every level, from the CEO to front-line management. With teams scattered apart while trying to keep business running highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, its processes, its risk management strategies, its leadership, and employees. Like you, we are experiencing some of these same challenges.

With the same spirit we have had for the past 74 years, we are passionate to continue helping you ramp-up, re-invent your processes, support your cash release strategies, upskill your leadership teams to engage your employees in different ways, and fight the losses of COVID-19. Starting with our clients in Asia, and rapidly moving to Europe and the US, we have changed the way we conduct business and are helping to deliver business transformation using virtual teaming tools. We’re in this together!

We recognize how difficult this time has been and know that businesses that will recover faster are those with the start-up mentality and entrepreneurialism; regardless of company size. These are times to reinvent everything, from your back office, supply chain, production processes to your front end.

To that end, the Proudfoot team has been working to provide you COVID-19 thought leadership that covers both what to do now and for recovery and new service lines with market leading tools to support you with:

    • Virtual or ‘boots on the ground’ PMO/War Room
    • Virtual Aerial Mapping for end-to-end business analysis
    • Virtual Scenario Planning: Linking financials and operational changes
    • Supply Chain Risk Management Planning and Supply Chain Assessments
    • Business Start-Up and Ramp-Up preparedness analysis and recommendations
    • Rapid M&A Due Diligence assessments for industrial and private equity companies
    • Accelerated Technology and Digital Transformation Adoption
    • Virtual or ‘boots on the ground’ organizational redesign (core vs. none core business)

The above are just some of the many ways we are also reinventing ourselves to serve you and support you during these extraordinary times.

I invite you to contact us for advice, to discuss ways you can accelerate your transformation, start-up, or post ‘back-to-normal’ activities, or simply to use our experience as a sounding board to your current and future strategies.

I leave you with this thought: When things go back to normal, DON’T. Take this time to curate what you put back in the business. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent, rethink, reimagine.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay brilliant!

Pamela Hackett

Proudfoot CEO

Contact us for advice, to discuss current tactics, concerns, ways you can accelerate your transformation, or simply to use our experience as a sounding board to your current and future strategies.