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Proudfoot can significantly improve your Target Operating Model (TOM) through laying the foundation for industry excellence from quarry to client delivery.


A Target Operating Model that transforms your business operations

To compete, in today’s highly volatile market, you may need to increase prices to offset inflation & CO2 taxes, increase revenues, lower Cash Costs, variable costs (fuel, energy, power…) and fixed costs as well as improving customer service, logistics and transportation or reinvent your current operating model. Or, you may also need to do all the above.

Proudfoot can significantly improve your Target Operating Model (TOM) through laying the foundation for industry excellence from quarry to final client and maximizing your EBITDA and Return on Net Assets by exercising our core competency of TOM Transformation through people, safely. From Aggregates & Asphalt, Cement, Ready Mix, Concrete Products, as well as wood based or polymer based materials

Within Building Materials, Proudfoot has realized over US $1 billion in benefits for our clients through our most recent assignments, and typically achieves an ROI of between 4 and 10 times the cost of our programs within the first year. We have completed thousands of successful transformation projects over 76 years and our engagements are often cost/benefit neutral before completion.

What if you could...

...with Proudfoot you can!

We design, implement and accelerate operational and digital transformation through people. We partner with organizations to solve strategically important problems that impede top-line growth or bottom-line results.

This allows us to create new capabilities and harness the power of your people to build an engaged culture, turbocharge leadership behaviors, and implement improved operating models. Through collaboration with your front-line supervision, your middle management, and your senior executives, we fully implement solutions that transform your operations – the way you and your people do business.

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Increase operational performance: “We are impressed by your capacity to implement and put in place a ‘Coup de Boost.’ After previous projects in operational areas, we wanted to try your methodology on the SG&A costs, and it was the best decision. We need to continue working with you and your methodology as it really succeeds.” Company CEO

Case studies

Cost Savings for Quarries: A market leader in building materials needed to lower costs by €1 per ton to remain competitive. The CEO needed to urgently accelerate the identification and delivery of costs savings across over 100 quarries in France.

C3 TOM! Ready Mix Concrete: One of the Regional Ready Mix Divisions of a world leader in building materials had been underperforming for years. Having gone through restructures, the expected turnaround had still not been achieved.

C4 TOM! SG&A Efficiency: The Country CEO of a world leader in building materials was faced with a challenging situation in his market. Prices and volumes were under pressure and were to remain so in the foreseeable future. Having started a strategic review of the SG&A organization and its cost, the company had failed to deliver the targeted savings in this area of the business.

C5 TOM! Post Merger Integration: Having previously delivered more than €100M in operational improvements for Lafarge, the CEO of Lafarge Africa called on Proudfoot to support their post-merger integration with Holcim in Nigeria, a critical market.

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