Quick takes from 2019 American Aerospace & Defense Summit

On December 5th, hundreds of leaders within the aerospace and defense sectors gathered in Glendale, Arizona for the 2019 American Aerospace and Defense Summit. As a sponsor and exhibitor at the event, Proudfoot would like to extend our appreciation to everyone involved for making it such an engaging and insightful event.

Aerospace & Defense Summit. Read more here!

Thank you to all of those who met with Proudfoot’s Managing Director, Dennis Santare and Executive Vice President, Mike Howard and everyone who joined our CEO Pamela Hackett for her “Transforming How You Transform” round table. There were many productive sessions at the event highlighting the tremendous opportunities, as well as challenges, facing the aerospace and defense sectors.

Our discussions with speakers and attendees resulted in some very compelling takeaways in terms of how organizations are improving the performance of their suppliers at each link in their supply chain, retaining key employees and capturing institutional knowledge, and transitioning to a leaner and more agile risk management strategy.

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth in Glendale, we would welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss your takeaways from the event and share our insights on where others in your industry are finding the biggest gains engaging their people and improving results across their operations. Contact Dennis Santare at 516 376 3854 or to schedule a meeting.

Aerospace: Our Offerings

Proudfoot partners with global aerospace companies to implement end-to-end operational transformation. Whether we are solving lead time or through put problems – we believe that people are at the heart of operational excellence. We deliver results through lean principles, management operating systems, and behavioral change management.

Proudfoot’s aerospace team includes both OEM and MRO experts who have worked across all segments of the industry globally. Our service offering is tailored for each client. Please visit us at booth 9 at the event, or be in touch to set up a meeting.

What if you could…

Rapidly transform your organization on time and on budget to meet the changing needs of the market?

With Proudfoot, you can.

Learn more by reviewing one of our many case studies:

Aerospace & Defense Summit. Read more here!

Aerospace & Defense Summit. Read more here!

Aerospace & Defense Summit. Read more here!

Aerospace & Defense Summit. Read more here!

Aerospace & Defense Summit. Read more here!


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Posted on January 30, 2020

By Proudfoot Team

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